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1.  Mrs. Asli Yildirim, University of Iowa, USA
Poster: Suppression of phase separation in thick layers of mid-infrared GaInAsSb alloys grown by molecular beam epitaxy: the effect of growth temperature
Speaker Biography: Asli Yildirim received her B.S. degree in engineering physics from Hacettepe University, Turkey in 2006. Shortly after graduation, she joined the Demir Group at Bilkent University as a research engineer, where she focused on fabrication and characterization of light emitting diodes, and also contributed patent applications. In the spring semester of 2008, she joined the Prineas Group as a graduate student, and her research has focused on growth and characterization of GaInAsSb alloys across the immiscibility region for potential mid-infrared applications

Summary: GaInAsSb is a promising material for mid-infrared applications, but a predicted range of alloy immiscibility hampers the potential of the alloy. Previously, we have demonstrated that thick 2 µm bulk GaInAsSb lattice-matched to GaSb can be grown at lower temperatures across the (lattice-matched) compositional range under non-equilibrium conditions by molecular beam epitaxy. To study defect formation and phase separation further, growth conditions such as growth temperature and lattice strain-known to influence phase separation-have been varied for two chosen metastable/unstable alloys, and an analysis of the resulting optical, structural, and morphological characteristics will be presented.
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