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1.  Dr. Bernhard Lendl, Technische Univ Wien, AUSTRIA
Invited Talk: New approaches and applications for the analysis of liquids using mid-IR quantum cascade lasers
Speaker Biography: Bernhard Lendl obtained his PhD in 1996 at TU Vienna. Since 2001 he is associated professor for Analytical Chemistry at the same university. During a sabbatical leave from 2003/4 he stayed at the University of Córdoba in Spain. Currently he develops robust mid-IR analyzers for liquids as well as stand-off Raman systems for the remote detection of explosives. In 2008 he co-founded QuantaRed Technologies GmbH, which concentrates on the development and commercialization of mid-IR laser (QCL) based analyzers with focus on applications in the petrochemical industry. His scientific work is summarized in 160 peer reviewed publications and 8 international patents.

Summary: Advances in the field of QCL based measurements of liquids will be reported. Using an EC-QCL (1030-1230 cm-1) a portable system for point of care analysis of human sera has been developed. Successful determination of glucose, total protein and total cholesterol will be shown. In addition, results on the characterization and application of vertically emitting ring QCLs for chemical analysis of liquids will be reported. Furthermore, first results on the use of planar waveguide structures made of MgF2 and Si3N4 in combination with an EC-QCL covering the spectral range from 1570-1730 cm-1 will be shown as well.
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