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1.  Dr. Matthew Escarra, California Institute of Technology, USA
Invited Talk: Quantum cascade laser-based CO2 isotope sensing: devices, systems, and implications
Speaker Biography: Matthew Escarra is a Postdoctoral Scholar in Applied Physics and Materials Science at the California Institute of Technology working with Prof. Harry Atwater. At Caltech, Matthew is developing spectrum splitting photonic architectures and solar cells for high efficiency solar energy conversion. Matthew received a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, in the group of Prof. Claire Gmachl, where he focused on high performance quantum cascade lasers and mid-infrared metamaterials. Prior to Princeton, Matthew earned a BS in Electrical Engineering at Rice University. Matthew has also worked at Daylight Solutions and Sentinel Photonics, two start-ups in the mid-infrared optoelectronics community.

Summary: CO2 fingerprinting via isotope ratio measurements offers the potential to address several important technological and societal issues. Tracking the relative concentrations of 12CO2, 13CO2, and 18OCO (the CO2 fingerprint) across different environments can improve our understanding of the carbon cycle. A sensor network can be used to measure spatial and temporal fluxes of CO2 isotopes for monitoring emissions and verifying abatement from particular sites. In enhanced oil recovery or carbon capture and storage (CCS), a network of sensors can monitor the area surrounding underground reservoirs for leaks, by searching for the fingerprint corresponding with the injected CO2. In this talk, I will discuss the design and development of distributed feedback QC lasers for trace gas detection of strong lines of the less abundant 13CO2 and 18OCO and a weaker line of the abundant 12CO2. I will then highlight the development of a QC-laser based sensor for CO2 isotope detection at Sentinel Photonics. Finally, I will discuss the potential economic impact of this type of sensing technology, quantified via an integrated climate-economy model.
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