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1.  Mr. Amir Khiar, Johannes Kepler University Linz, AUSTRIA
Late-Breaking Results: Mid-infrared optically in-well pumped VECSEL
Speaker Biography: Amir Khiar received the master degree in physics from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürch, in 2009. From 2009 to 2011 he worked as a research associate at Laboratory for Solid State Physics at ETHZ. There he dealt with the fabrication and optimization of lead-salt mid-infrared VECSELs. Currently, he is working on his Ph.D. at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria. His research interests are to fabricate high operating temperature long wavelength tunable VECSELs for infrared spectroscopic applications and in particular, to develop mid-IR VECSELs based on PbTe Dots in CdTe.

Summary: In this work, the first optically in-well pumped vertical external cavity surface emitting laser (VECSEL) operating in the wavelength range beyond 3 μm is presented. In contrast to all edge emitting diode lasers, VECSELs are very attractive for spectroscopic sensing due to their very small beam divergence (<1°) and nearly perfect circular emission cone. Furthermore, VECSELs offers power scalability as a result of their nearly vertical heat flow and are generally optically pumped. IV-VI semiconductors, such as PbSe or PbTe, are very suited for fabrication of optoelectronic devices in the mid-infrared. The active region of our VECSEL is based on PbTe quantum wells (QWs) in CdTe. In this material system also active regions containing PbTe dots in CdTe can be produced.
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