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1.  Dr. Ulrike Willer, Clausthal University of Technology, GERMANY
Invited Talk: The use of quantum cascade lasers for the detection of hazardous materials
Speaker Biography: Ulrike Willer received her diploma degree in physics from Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany and her doctoral degree from Clausthal University of Technology, Germany. Since 2001 she is member of scientific staff at Clausthal University of Technology. She spent research stays at LBNL, Berkeley, CA and Rice University, Houston, TX. She has longstanding experience with mid-infrared spectroscopy starting from difference frequency generation with diode lasers up to the deployment of quantum cascade lasers. Her research interests include mid-infrared and photoacoustic spectroscopy, especially quartz enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy, evanescent-field sensing and the development of sensor devices.

Summary: Mid-infrared spectroscopy possesses many advantages as sensing technology for hazardous materials: As an optical method, it is capable of online and in-situ measurements and does not rely on sample preparation. Due to the fact, that most molecules possess distinct absorption features within the so called fingerprint region, selective detection is possible if the absorption lines are carefully chosen offsite those of possible interferents. Furthermore, the line strength of midinfrared absorption lines is enhanced as compared to the near-infrared, thus an increased sensitivity can be achieved. These advantages have prompted increasing use in sensing applications.
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