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1.  Dr. Richard Phelan, Eblana Photonics Ltd., IRELAND
Late-Breaking Results: In0.75Ga0.25As/InP Multiple Quantum Well Discrete Mode Laser Diode Emitting at 2 μm
Speaker Biography: Richard Phelan: is responsible for product design and development of novel single frequency laser diodes at Eblana. He graduated with a Ph.D. degree in applied physics from Trinity College Dublin in 2004 where he worked on the characterization and application of widely tuneable laser diodes in gas sensing applications. Subsequently he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. His current research interests are focused on the design and fabrication of novel MID-IR single mode laser diodes for future telecom networks and sensing applications

Summary: Single wavelength operation in discrete mode (DM) laser diodes is achieved by introducing index perturbations in the form of etched features positioned at a number of sites distributed along the ridge waveguide laser cavity. No epitaxial regrowth and ebeam is required thus leading to a lower cost easier to manufacture MID-IR source. We report the first DM laser diode operating around 2 μm by using the technologically mature InP fabrication techniques of telecommunications lasers. Fabricated DM lasers exhibit continuous wave (CW) operation in the temperature range from -5 to 55°C, emission wavelengths longer than 2 μm, and ex-facet optical output power > 5 mW at 25 °C. The measured DM performance is encouraging for WDM system demonstrations over fiber at 2 µm and as sources in tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy applications.
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