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1.  Dr. Marc Fischer, nanoplus GmbH, GERMANY
Invited Talk: Distributed feedback lasers for gas sensing in the 3.5 μm wavelength range
Speaker Biography: Dr. Marc Fischer is divisional director for device fabrication at nanoplus GmbH with their clean room facilities in Gerbrunn and Meiningen, Germany. He is responsible for the manufacturing of laterally coupled DFB lasers and related process development. At nanoplus he also contributed to various national and international research activities on novel laser sources and served e.g. as project manager for the EU project SENSHY focusing on photonic gas sensors for the detection of hydrocarbons. Marc Fischer received his PhD degree from Würzburg University in 2003 based on his work on GaInNAs/GaAs laser structures for future telecom applications.

Summary: The wavelength range around 3.5 μm is of particular technological and industrial importance since the fundamental absorption bands of many relevant hydrocarbons are located in this range. Two GaSb based approaches to application-grade semiconductor lasing in the 3 - 4 μm wavelength region have been proven especially successful over the past years. These concepts use type-I transitions in quinary AlGaInAsSb barrier confined quantum wells or type-II transitions within a cascade scheme, respectively. Tunable laser spectroscopy (TLS) is a versatile and very successful approach making use of such laser sources for high performance trace gas detection. A crucial requirement for TLS is the availability of spectrally monomode emitters. In this talk, we will report on monomode DFB laser sources as well as multi-section devices with extended tuning range in the wavelength range of interest.
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