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1.  Prof. Federico Capasso, Harvard University, USA
Plenary Talk: High performance Master Oscillator Power Amplifier and Plasmonic Collimated Quantum Cascade Lasers
Speaker Biography: Federico Capasso is the Robert Wallace Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard University, which he joined in 2003 after a 27 years career at Bell Labs. His research has spanned a broad range of topics from applications to basic science in the areas of electronics, photonics, nanoscale science and technology including plasmonics, metamaterials and the Casimir effect.

Summary: In the talk I will review recent research of my group on novel approaches to high power single longitudinal, single transverse mode QCLs and on applications of plasmonics to achieving high beam quality (low divergence, multibeam operation etc.). To reach high output powers, which is important for example for stand-off detection large area devices can be fabricated which are pumped with high currents. The drawbacks of this approach are a decreased beam quality arising from high order transversal electromagnetic modes and decreased wall plug efficiencies. Two section devices, where one section acts as the pumping section (referred to as master oscillator (MO) section) and the other section serves as a power amplifier (PA) section were fabricated.. The MO section features a DFB grating to ensure single-mode emission. We report single longitudinal-mode λ = 7.26 µm MOPAs at 300 K reaching output power of several Watts. The devices display single-transverse-mode emission at TM00.
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