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1.  Prof. Hao-Hsiung Lin, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN
Late-Breaking Results: Study on the Structural Properties of InP0.52Sb0.48 grown on GaAs
Speaker Biography: Hao-Hsiung Lin received Ph.D. degree from National Taiwan University in 1985. He has been with the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University since 1980, and was promoted to be a full professor in 1992. His research area is the molecular beam epitaxial growth of III-V compound semiconductors. He proposed edge-thinning structure (i.e., ledge structure) for HBT in 1985 and reported the first InAsN mid-infrared quantum well laser operating at 2.4 μm in 2003. His current research interests are on the MBE growth of dilute nitrides, mid-infrared semiconductors, and nano-hetero-epitaxy of compound semiconductors. Dr. Lin is a member of the Chinese Institute of Engineers and a senior member of IEEE.

Summary: Mid-infrared semiconductors, such as InPSb, InAsPSb and InGaAsSb, are composed of end-point binaries with very large lattice mismatch. Previous studies on InGaAs have shown that bonds in alloy resemble their lengths in binaries. In other words, bonds in alloy, consisting of highly mismatch binaries, undergo stretching and bending distortion which may result in peculiar properties. In this paper, we report on the lattice structure and bond lengths of InPSb.
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