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1.  Dr. Mark J. Furlong, Wafer Technology / Galaxy Compound Semiconductors (IQE Plc), UK
Invited Talk: Growth and characterization of large diameter GaSb substrates
Speaker Biography: Dr. Mark J. Furlong is the General Manager of Wafer Technology Ltd. and Galaxy Compound Semiconductors Inc. Prior to this he held the position of Technical Sales Manager (Asia) at IQE (Europe) Ltd. Over 1997-1999, he was based at EPI Ltd. where he assumed various technical management roles. Prior to this Furlong was awarded a research fellowship (Royal Society, London) to develop novel photovoltaic cells with the CNRS (Paris). He holds a Ph.D. degree in semiconductor science from the University of Bath and a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Chemistry from the University of London. He also holds a Diploma in Management (Dist.) from the Open University, U.K.

Summary: Gallium antimonide (GaSb) is an important Group III-V compound semiconductor for photodetectors that operate in the mid (3-5 μm) to the long wavelength region (8-12 μm) of the infrared (IR) spectrum. Interest in these materials is driving the development of several new detection technologies that are important for military, industrial and medical applications. Furthermore, several niche applications for antimonides also exist which include mid-infrared edge emitting lasers, ultra-high mobility transistors, magnetic sensors and thermo-photovoltaic cells.
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