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1.  Prof. Hans Zogg, ETH, Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Invited Talk: Lead chalcogenide widely tunable monomode vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers (VECSEL) near room temperature
Speaker Biography: Hans Zogg received his diploma and PhD both from ETH Zurich. After some industrial research positions, he again joined ETH. He got his habilitation in 1988 as a private lecturer at ETH and founded a group with main activities in infrared materials and devices as well as thin film photovoltaics. His main interests are the physics and technology of lead-chalcogenide (IV-VI) narrow gap semiconductors. He was the first to epitaxially grow device quality narrow gap semiconductors on Si-substrates and demonstrated mid-infrared photovoltaic detectors and detector arrays in these layers already in 1984. He devoted quite some work to understand the mechanical strain relaxation mechanism and the reduction of dislocation densities due to the huge lattice- and thermal expansion mismatch between the layers and the Si-substrate, and the influence of defects on the electronic properties of the heteroepitaxial IV-VI mid-IR devices.

Summary: VECSEL are especially attractive for spectroscopic applications due to their high beam quality: A nearly perfect circular output beam with small divergence angle of a few degrees only. In contrast, edge emitting lasers emit a strongly astigmatic beam with a large aperture angle in the fast axis of up to 60°. Optically pumped VECSEL are easily fabricated (no photolithographic processes are needed) and offer testing at wafer level. We review our work on these first mid-IR VECSEL: The devices are grown on BaF2 or, preferably, on Si(111) substrates by solid state MBE.
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