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1.  Dr. Sivalingam Sivananthan, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Invited Talk: Overview of MBE HgCdTe for Advanced Infrared Technology
Speaker Biography: Dr. Sivalingam Sivananthan is a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor and Director of the Microphysics Laboratory (MPL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), is the founder and CEO of EPIR Technologies Inc., the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sivananthan Laboratories Inc. Dr. Sivananthan has pioneered the MBE growth and characterization of II-VI narrow- and wide-gap semiconductors, hetero- and homojunctions, and multiple-quantum-well structures on CdZnTe, GaAs and Si substrates. He has more than 25 years experience in MBE growth kinematics and characterization, giving him a clear understanding of transport and structural properties, encapsulation, interface formation and quantum-well structures. He has organized several national and international conferences, and is the author of more than 200 refereed journal articles as well as numerous presentations, including several invited papers. Dr. Sivananthan is an SPIE Life Member, APS Fellow & Life Member and a senior member of IEEE. Over the course of his academic career, he has advised 27 graduate (Ph.D and Masters) students and has served on a total of 56 Ph.D. and M.S. thesis committees. He is currently advising six graduate and two undergraduate students.

Summary: Advanced IR systems need to detect, recognize, identify and track a variety of targets under a wide spectrum of atmospheric and exoatmospheric conditions. Their development and production has been significantly hindered by the limited availability of high quality materials. Over time, the need for the deployment of higher performance, lower cost systems is becoming increasingly important for the U.S. to maintain its “ownership of the night.” The progress of HgCdTe MBE technology has been very significant over the last few years. In this overview, we will first discuss state-of-the-art HgCdTe MBE systems, then review the structural, optical and electrical properties of MBE-grown HgCdTe layers that are available today. In addition, various types of devices that have been fabricated with MBE-grown HgCdTe are described. Finally we will discuss future directions and challenges to the perfection of HgCdTe MBE technology for advanced focal plane array applications.
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