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1.  Dr. Masayuki Abe, 3D-bio Co., JAPAN
Invited Talk: Modulation-Doped AlGaAs/InGaAs Thermopiles for Uncooled IR-FPA Utilizing Integrated HEMT-MEMS Technology
Speaker Biography: Masayuki Abe received the B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, in 1967, 1969, and 1973, respectively. In 1973, he joined Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd., Japan, where he was engaged in developing AlGaAs and InGaAsP LEDs for fiber communications, microwave HEMTs for DBS receivers, high-speed HEMT LSIs for supercomputers. Since 1998, he has been engaged in developing ten kilowatt class high power h-GaN HEMTs for solar-cell & fuel-cell inverters of co-generation systems, high power 3C-SiC vertical DMOSFETs and c-GaN HEMTs for EV/HEV inverters, modulation doped heterostructure thermopiles (H-PILE) for uncooled infrared image-sensor at KRI Inc. and 3D-bio Co., Ltd. He has authored more than 200 scientific publications and 11books. He is a Life Fellow of IEEE. He is currently President at HEMTCORE and 3D-bio Co., Ltd. He received the Distinguished Contributed Paper Award of the Laser Society of Japan in 1980, the International Prize of SIOA in Italy in 1987, and the Best Poster Award of ICMAT, MRS in 2005. He served as Overseas Advisor for the IEEE GaAs IC Symposium (1983-1985), a Guest Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices for the May 1986 Special Issue on Heterojunction Field-Effect Transistors (HFET), and a Lecturer for a short course at the 1990 IEEE GaAs IC Symposium. He served as Technical Committee Member of MITI(METI) of Japan for many National R&D Projects on GaAs and HEMT related technology (1981-1996).

Summary: Novel thermopiles based on modulation doped AlGaAs/InGaAs heterostructures are proposed and developed for the first time, for uncooled infrared FPA (Focal Plane Array) image sensor application. The high responsivity R with the high speed response time τ are designed to be 4,900 V/W with 110 µs. Based on integrated HEMT-MEMS technology, the 32x32 matrix FPAs are fabricated to demonstrate its enhanced performance by black body measurement. The technology presented here demonstrates the low cost potentiality for uncooled infrared FPA application.
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