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1.  Dr. Ryan Briggs, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
Late-Breaking Results: Carbon monoxide monitoring for low-power spacecraft fire detection systems using quantum cascade laser sources at 4.6 µm
Speaker Biography: Ryan M. Briggs received his PhD in Materials Science at the California Institute of Technology, working in the area of silicon photonics and hybrid integration with plasmonic structures and phase-change materials. He received his BS in Engineering Physics at Colorado School of Mines, where he also completed an MS thesis on genetic algorithms for determining the atomic structure of semiconductor surface reconstructions. Presently, he works at JPL, focusing on the design and fabrication of space-qualified infrared semiconductor laser sources for atmospheric gas detection, including distributed-feedback diode lasers operating in the 2 to 3 µm wavelength range and mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers.

Summary: Fire detection instruments are an essential component of spacecraft safety systems that must be accurate and reliable, but with minimal weight and power requirements. NASA has committed to deploying compact, low-power fire detection platforms for the International Space Station and future missions by developing instruments to directly monitor concentrations of particulates, acid gases, and carbon monoxide (CO). Absorption spectrometers[1] operating at wavelengths near 4.6 µm can be used to detect small amounts of CO without interference from carbon dioxide, water vapor, or other gases that are normally present in habitable environments. We report on the development of an infrared source for a portable, battery-driven CO monitoring instrument using an aspirated analysis cell and a single-frequency quantum cascade (QC) laser. The system design improves upon state-of-the-art CO detection instruments in terms of power consumption and optical-interaction path length, allowing for an overall reduction in size.
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