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1.  Prof. B.M. Azizur Rahman, City University, UK
Late-Breaking Results: Design of Low-loss THz Waveguides and Guided-wave Devices by using the Finite Element Method
Speaker Biography: B M A Rahman: In 1982, B. M. Azizur Rahman received his PhD degree in Electronics from University College London and joined UCL as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. In 1988, he joined City University, London, as a lecturer, where he is now a Professor. At City University, he leads the research group on Photonics Modelling, specialised in the use of rigorous and full-vectorial numerical approaches to design, analyse and optimise a wide range of photonic devices. He has published over 400 journal and conference papers, and his journal papers have been cited more than 1900 times. Prof. Rahman is a Senior Member of IEEE (USA), and members of the SPIE, Optical Society of America, and IET (UK), and a Chartered Engineer. He is also the Assistant Dean (Internationalization) for the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Summary: THz technology is quickly becoming a major enabling technology with many applications in imaging and sensing, however, due to lack of low-loss waveguides most of the systems are free-space based. Design of low-loss waveguides suitable for this frequency band is presented here. Design of simple power splitters and narrow band filter are also shown along with the optimization of active region of a quantum cascade laser to stabilize mode to prevent beam instability.
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