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1.  Dr. Dwight Woolard, US Army Research Office, USA
Invited Talk: Physical Modeling of Interband Tunneling & Transitions in InAs/GaSb Broken-Gap Heterostructure Lasing Devices
Speaker Biography: U.S. Army Research Office Program Manager for Solid-State & High-Frequency Electronics directing research trusts in Nanometer-Scale & Molecular-Level Electronics and Terahertz-Frequency & Ultra-Fast Electronics. Dr. Woolard has been an active researcher in THz-Frequency Sensing Science and Electronic Technology since joining the ARL in 1993. Dr. Woolard is a graduate of North Carolina State University; was elected to IEEE Fellow in 2004 and was the receipient of the 2008 IEEE-USA Harry Diamond Award (both for contributions/leadership to science and technology at terahertz frequencies); and, was recognized for his Program Management by a 2011 U.S. Army SBIR Achievement Award.

Summary: Physics-based modeling of type II InAs/GaSb heterostructures based upon a Kane multiband formalism is applied to reveal new strategies for achieving electron-injection driven lasing from the infrared to the THz regime. Here, a "prototype" laser device consisting of a double-barrier (DB) broken-gap (BG) resonant tunneling diode (RTD) is introduced. This new laser concept, which leverages ultra-fast interband tunneling and suppressed nonradiative scattering processes to realize population inversions and significant optical gain, is shown to be particularly promising at very long-wavelengths, e.g., 1-10 mW from a single microdisk DB-BG-RTD in the 1-3 THz range and further increases using quantum-dot nanopillar arrays.
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