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1.  Prof. Weidong Chen, Université du Littoral Cote d'Opate, FRANCE
Late-Breaking Results: Quantum Cascade Laser based Instrument for Fast Simultaneous Measurements of HONO and CH4 at 8 µm
Speaker Biography: Weidong Chen is full Professor of Physics at the Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale (ULCO), France. He received his PhD degree in 1991 from the Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (USTL) in France. Prior to joining the ULCO in 1993, he was an assistant professor at the USTL where he conducted research focused on the development of laser sideband-based heterodyne THz spectrometer and its application to molecular rotation spectroscopy. His current research interests include developments of photonic (QCL, LED, optical parametric source etc) instrumentation for spectroscopic detection of trace gas molecules. He co-authored over 90 refereed technical papers.

Summary: We report on the development of a continue-wave quantum cascade laser based instrument operating in the mid-infrared at 8 µm (~1254.6 cm-1) for simultaneous quantitative assessment of HONO and CH4. Using direct absorption spectroscopy in a 125-m long multi-pass cell, 1s detection limits (1 sigma) of 0.4 and 6 ppb were achieved for HONO and CH4, respectively.
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