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1.  Prof. Stephen Sweeney, Univ. of Surrey, UK
Invited Talk: Emerging materials for mid-infrared photonic devices
Speaker Biography: Stephen John Sweeney is Professor of Physics, Head of Photonics and EPSRC Leadership Fellow at the University of Surrey. Stephen's research currently includes developing photonic materials and devices for applications including renewable energy, electronic-photonic integration, sensing and to develop high efficiency lasers over a wide wavelength range. One of his current major interests is in exploring the boundaries of III-V materials, for example Bismuth-containing alloys, to provide enhanced band-structures for optimized device properties and integration with standard substrates and processes.

Summary: There are now several approaches to producing lasers in the mid-infrared with short wavelengths (<3 μm) dominated by interband (IB) quantum well lasers typically based on GaSb alloys and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) providing access to wavelengths above ~4 μm. The previous “gap” in performance in the 3-4μm range is rapidly closing due to significant advances in interband cascade lasers (ICLs) and due to enhanced operating wavelengths for both IB and QCLs extending their performance towards longer and shorter wavelengths, respectively. Improvements in IB lasers have principally been due to developments in quinternary barrier design which has helped reduce hole leakage.
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