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1.  Prof. Eduard Hulicius, Czech Technical University, CZECH REPUBLIC
Late-Breaking Results: Superlinear electroluminescence from deep Al(As)Sb/InAsSb/Al(As)Sb quantum wells
Speaker Biography: Assoc. Prof. Ing. Eduard Hulicius, PhD Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Education and professional career: Graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague in 1973. He was granted the PhD degree in 1981, Associated Prof. at Czech Technical University in Prague from 2005. Affiliation: Inst. of Phys., Czech AS; Head of MOVPE lab. Fields of scientific activity: Semiconductor lasers, LED and laser structures especially for mid-infrared wavelength region. MOVPE technology, AIIIBV nanostructures. Characterisation of optical, electr. and structural prop. of semiconductors.

Summary: The first observation of superlinear electroluminescence and enhancement of optical power in nano-heterostructures based on GaSb with a deep, narrow Al(As)Sb/InAsSb/Al(As)Sb quantum well in the active region, grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy will be reported. Structures were grown on n-GaSb:Te substrate with 20 nm Al(As)Sb/5 nm InAs0.84Sb0.16/20 nm Al(As)Sb QW and 0.5 μm p-GaSb cap layer. Superlinear EL power dependence on driving current was found at T = 300 and 77 K. This effect can be explained by electron impact ionization in Al(As)Sb/InAsSb QW in which a large conduction band offset at the interface.
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