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1.  Dr. Ian Ferguson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Invited Talk: Spinning; Dazed and Confused: GaN-based Spin Polarized Emitters
Speaker Biography: Ian T. Ferguson is currently a Professor and the Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His current research currently focuses on the area of wide bandgap materials and devices using GaN and ZnO, and developing these materials for energy and nanotechnology applications in the area of illumination, solar, spintronic and nuclear detection applications. He has have authored over 380 refereed publications, seven book chapters, eleven conference proceedings, one book and multiple patents. He is a Fellow of SPIE, IEEE and IOP and has received a National Small Business Association Tibbets Award.

Summary: Wide bandgap dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) have recently been of interest due to theoretical predictions of room temperature ferromagnetism in these materials. Tremendous progress has been made in doping the IIINitrides with transition metals or rare earth elements with the aim of obtaining room temperature ferromagnetism. However, the mechanism for the observed ferromagnetism in this system is still not clear. The authors of this work have produced the only reports of Ga1-xGdxN thin films grown by metalorganic checmical vapor deposition (MOCVD). These films were found to be ferromagnetic at room temperature and electrically conducting, However, it was only materials produced using TMHD3Gd, which contains oxygen, that showed strong ferromagnetism; material grown using Cp3Gd, which does not contain oxygen, did not show ferromagnetic behavior. In this paper, Ga1-xGdxN films grown with these two different metalorganic precursors are summarized and the first successful demonstration of Ga1-xGdxN-based spin-polarized LED is detailed.
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