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1.  Dr. QuanKui Yang, Fraunhofer-IAF, Optoelectronic Modules Dept , GERMANY
Invited Talk: Wall-plug efficiency of mid-infrared QC lasers: modeling, optimization, and experiments
Speaker Biography: Quankui Yang received the B. Sc. degree in physics from Wuhan University, Wuhan, China in 1995, and the Ph. D. degree in solid-state electronics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China, in 2000. After that he joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid-State Physics (IAF), Freiburg, Germany, as a research scientist. His work mainly focuses on the development and application of infrared semiconductor lasers in particular quantum cascade lasers. His interests also include other semiconductor devices like infrared detectors, heterojunction bipolar transistors, and backward diodes. Dr. Yang is a co-inventor of 3 patents, has co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, and contributed to an edition of Landoldt-Bornstein dedicated to quantum cascade lasers.

Summary: With the help of new design concepts as well as improved growth and processing technologies, the performance of quantum cascade (QC) lasers has experienced tremendous improvements in the past years, including the demonstration of room-temperature continuous-wave (cw) operation and high output power across the mid-infrared region. Even though, the wall-plug efficiency of QC lasers is still quite limited and lies generally below 30% at room temperature, to be compared with conventional diode lasers whose wall-plug efficiency easily reaches e.g. 60% at room temperature. For improving the wall-plug efficiency of QC lasers and satisfying the demand for devices with extremely low power consumption, it is important to understand which parameters limit the wall-plug efficiency of QC lasers at present.
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