The international Infrared Optoelectronics: Materials and Devices Conference (MIOMD) has been held approximately every two years since the first MIOMD was held in 1996. This conference was started to bring together both young and established scientists from around the world, to identify and discuss the most significant issues in the rapidly advancing area of infrared optoelectronics in a stimulating forum that encourages the exchange of ideas and fosters collaborative relationships with the ultimate goal of enabling infrared optoelectronics as a mainstream technology.

The Infrared Optoelectronics - Materials & Devices conference (MIOMD) continues to be a popular and unique forum for device physicists, material scientists, applications engineers and end users to discuss the problems of importance in infrared optoelectronics. In 2012 we will hold the 11th MIOMD conference (MIOMD-XI) at Northwestern University, just outside of Chicago IL, USA.

MIOMD Year Location (Co-)Chair Organization
I Sept 17–19 1996 Lancaster UK Prof. Anthony Krier Lancaster University
II March 26–28 1998 Prague, Czech Republic Dr. T. Simecek
Prof. Eduard Hulicius
Czech Academy of Sciences
III Sept 5–7 1999 RWTH Aachen, Germany Prof. Klaus Heime RWTH Aachen
IV April 1–4 2001 University of Montpellier, France Prof. Claude Alibert University of Montpellier
V Sept 8–11 2002 NRL Annapolis, USA Dr. Jerry Meyer
Dr. Ron Kaspi
Naval Research Laboratory
Air Force Research Laboratory
VI June 28–July 2 2004 St. Petersburg, Russia Prof. Yury Yakovlev Ioffe Institute
VII Sept 12–14 2005 Lancaster, UK Prof. Anthony Krier Lancaster University
VIII May 14–16 2007 Bad Ischl, Austria Prof. Gunther Springholz University of Linz
IX Sept 7–11 2008 Freiburg, Germany Prof. Joachim Wagner Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (IAF)
X Sept 5–9 2010 Shanghai, China Prof. Ai-Zhen Li Chinese Academy of Sciences
XI Sept 4–8 2012 Chicago, IL, USA Prof. Manijeh Razeghi Northwestern University

last updated 06/11/2012